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  • BANKWALKER opened up shop in 2005. The goal? Help small and medium size underdog businesses become the big dog business. And make it easy for our customers to have a one stop marketing agency that specializes in winning customers with their online and offline presence.


  • Clients tell us they want an advisor they can trust and rely on – someone who knows what should be done and executes it in a quick and efficient manner. Makes sure it gets done the very bestus it possibly can be done.


  • That’s what we do, deliver world class advice and service to clients. I've done nothing but advertising since 1992. In that amount of time you learn how to navigate through the minefields and recommend the things that are the highest and best use of your dollar. And cut out the bull.


Here is where I break down a second. If you're lucky, this happens to you. I'm not a lucky person in the sense of ever winning a lottery or a prize in a drawing. Most days I can't win a coin toss. In the great recession of 1991, I couldn't buy a job with a $100 bribe. My father asked me if I wanted to come to work for him in the radio business. He happened to have an opening in the sales department. Now, in my formative years of 13-18 I was his custodial engineer, lawn maintenance man and every job requiring gopher. When completing college, the one thing I knew for certain was I had zero interest in the radio business. Being flat broke and the mailman bringing regular installments of bill collection notices I relented. I told him I would stay 6 months or till I found a job I was excited about. And I was firm in my resolve. What I never truly experienced in the maintenance side of radio was how much it helped members in the community. Radio helped find lost dogs. Radio helped raise money for children with life threatening diseases. Radio helped local businesses get customers so they could keep food on their and their employees table. Being an Eagle Scout I was very familiar with service work. We were always doing projects helping others. Now against my resolve, I became drawn to the radio business. My father was a wonderful guide and instructor. He dropped me from a helicopter into the ocean and told me to swim. He called it "sales". I called it getting my teeth kicked in with steel toe boots. Tough lessons, but good ones. After about six months I started getting some footing. I was writing ads and not great at it in the beginning but getting better quickly. One day a client tells me she needed an ad that worked and she needed it fast. Her new shoe store was struggling against a heavily entrenched competitor. If she didn't get some success pretty darn quick she would be closing the doors. I took that pressure personally. I wrote this crazy ad playing off a Three Stooges theme. It was funny, cute and stood out like a red pair of sneakers with diamonds. When I presented the ad she loved it. She praised it endlessly, BUT her final words were "You did a great job and I love it, but if it doesn't work... it doesn't matter". At that moment, it got as real world as it gets. If my ad doesn't work she loses her store, her investment. Employees lose their income. People will be out of work and may not be able to pay their bills. Right then I knew I better get real good at writing ads or I would be hurting more people than helping. The good Lord looked over me. The ad was a huge success, brought in lots of new customers and worked wonders. She went on to many prosperous years until someone made her an offer so good she took a permanant vacation. Whenever I saw her around town she would always thank me for the "ad that saved her business". It's funny. The day I wrote and produced that ad a voice in my head told me "this is where you belong". My father is gone now, I hope I've made him proud. He helped me find my professional life purpose. Write ads that help small businesses succeed and thrive. Today I write ads that make businesses very successful. These ads keep people employed, bills paid and vacations enjoyed. They say if you love what you do you never work a day in your life. I was wrong. I am VERY lucky. 

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